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Cookie’s Kitchen Episode 1 – Recipe 1 : Chicken Alfredo

Oh, Chicken Alfredo. It’s the classic pasta we just can’t seem to get enough of. Of course there are tons of jarred pasta sauces you can buy, but making alfredo sauce from scratch is actually so easy. A cheater version of this classic dish blending the convenience of pre-made Alfredo sauce as a base. A homemade dish once you add sautéed mushrooms, garlic, chicken and fresh cream!

Cookie’s Kitchen Episode 1 – Recipe 2 : Bacon Rosé

Oh, Bacon Rosé — It’s a new classic pasta and we just love it. With everyone so busy, it’s a challenge to have delicious home-made, fast and nutritious dinners. But making Bacon Rosé sauce from fresh and prepared basics is fast, delicious and easy. With only a few simple main ingredients (bacon, onions, tomato paste and cream) you are sure to bedazzle the crowd!

Cookie’s Kitchen Episode 2 : Pineapple Chicken

Made from scratch, you can cut and chop your ingredients ahead of time and literally put this dish together within minutes. This dish is served over rice. A Gluten-Free and colourful dish that is great for anyone with food intolerances. The perfect menu for a dinner party.

Cookie’s Kitchen Episode 8: Liver Dog Treats

A healthy and nutritious snack for the doggos. Double the recipe and share with friends, family, and neighbours. If you keep a few packages of frozen liver in the freezer and you will always have liver treats at your fingertips. Kids love to make and share!

Anderson Thesis

Anderson Thesis

The following is an excerpt from a Senior Manager, Landy Anderson’s successfully defended thesis concerning the intersection/experience of children/youth who are Crown Wards (now known as Extended Society Care) in Ontario with education system.

Creating Culturally Diverse and Culturally Safe Spaces

Creating Culturally Diverse and Culturally Safe Spaces

Creating Culturally Diverse and Culturally Safe Spaces by Landy Anderson. Landy has experience as a foster and adoptive parent, child protection worker, supervisor and is the author of the Foster Parent Survival Guide. She explores how a culturally diverse system could create safe spaces and trust for the children and youth in the child welfare system.

Final Touches

Final Touches

We're just getting the final touches done on the site and then we'll do an official post. We have video classes on the site that you can soon sign up for. We'll get our news out through twitter and facebook through social...

Super heroes

Super heroes

I want to give a shout out to my fellow super hero Michael at  Red Apple Buzz for the work on the new website! Also want to thank another super hero Linda Alaggia for the Foster Parent Survival Guide design and as well for the newsletters. Much...

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