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Conflict Chaos
and Crisis


48 hour rental

The child welfare system is founded on the components of conflict.  These conflict components are the key elements of our child welfare work, identified as: Needs, Values, Interests, Power, Social Disagreement, Stress and Change.  During this training session the…

Safeguarding Against Alegations and Investigations


48 hour rental

The session will focus on Safeguarding Against Allegations and Investigations in Foster Homes.  The objective of the session is to: understand and be sensitive to the impact of allegations against foster parents, identify risk, improve risk management…

The Impact of Fostering on Biological Children



Participants will review the research on the impact of fostering on the biological children of foster parents. We will hear from 3 adult biological children who grew up alongside foster children and listen to their retrospective views on the impact of growing up with…

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